Yxhupot Travel Tea Set Kungfu Tea Pot Cups Tray with Gift Accessories Black Portable Packaging (white)



Product Description

Chinese Gongfu Tea Black teapot teacups tray mat portable  set

Teapot Chinese Ceramic White Cyan Black Portable Travel Packaging Xishi Pot Cups set (Black 1pot 2cups set)…

Chinese Traditional Porcelain Handmade Tea Pot Set for Travel and Portable carrying.

Traditional Craft of Teapot Set: After about 1300 ℃ high temp fire and form, use one thousand years of Chinese pottery making craft, choose quality raw materials, creating extraordinary quality. Glazed surface is smooth, elegant and easy, have the beauty of simple but elegant especially. Material:Made of durable and high quality ceramic, fine texture, hard and durable, beautiful and generous, simple and practical. Tea tray is made of bamboo panel and melamine chassis, not deformation, not easy to damage, durable, easy to clean. Unique Design:Chinese tea ceremony culture is extensive and profound with a long history. it adopts the simple and elegant style, suitable for afternoon tea, family gathering or friends gathering. Come with travel bag to carry easily, be outdoor, do business or travel, carry easily, convenient enjoying tea time.

Travel and Portable tea set

Brand: Yxhupot, Material: High black porcelain;pot: 180ml cup:50ml;
Packing specification: 1 pot + 4 cups + 1 tray /set, Tea accessories towel clip. with
Black shockproof portable travel package is suitable for travel, office, home and so on
High temperature burning production, safety and health;
The Gongfu Tea Tools Set is well designed and very practical; Exquisite workmanship and design.Password carefully, the surface smooth and comfortable.


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