Dime Bags Padded Pouch with Soft Padded Interior | Protective Hemp Pouch for Glass with Interior Smell Proof Pocket (Aqua, 10-Inch)



Dime Bags Padded Pouches are the best-selling in the industry. Need we say more?…..Probably not, but we will. Take this pouch with you wherever you go to protect your most valued items. This Dime Bags Padded Pouch is guaranteed to be more straightforward than pretty much anything else in your life, which is what everyone needs. What does this padded pouch consist of? Hemp – Recycled Polyester – 1 zippered pocket – mucho padding – rad colors – that’s it, that’s all. Whether you need protection for your favorite fancy glass, a place to stash the emergency snack money, or a safe pouch for your accessories – this pouch can do it all. It comes in 4 sizes, 5″, 7″, 8″, and 10″ Padded Pouch that can (will) suit your every need. With additional external and internal pockets, the Padded Pouch family aims to give you everything you need from a bag while maintaining simplicity.Our customers love the this item to carry and protect glass, money, inhalers, accessories, seashells, medication, snacks, your precious valuables and more. Let us know what you use the Padded Pouch for! You can sleep easy knowing we’ve got your back.Welcome to the world of Dime Bags! We got our roots in the industry when two buds decided they were tired of the sub-par hemp bags that were flooding at the time. Fast forward ten years and Dime Bags has become the leader in the hemp accessories market, making a high quality, timeless product with a high regard for detail. We strive to bring durable and environmentally friendly hemp blend bags to consumers.Our goal is — and has always been — to create fashionable, functional, high-quality and eco-friendly bags. We promise to design and produce the best bags, pouches, backpacks, and wallets in the industry, as well as to keep innovating and improving as we go! 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Included

DURABLE HEMPSTER FABRIC – Our Hempster blend fabric maintains all of the earth-friendly, sustainability of pure hemp with an improved smooth and soft feel/texture. The fabric is designed to resist fading, so colors last. The tough hemp blend also resists tearing, ripping and other physical damage. Dimensions 4.5 x 2.75 x 1 inches.
SOFT PADDED INTERIOR – This pouches soft padded interior is designed to keep glass and other fragile items safe. It’s shed-proof velour padded lining keeps your items undamaged and protected while you’re on-the-go.
REMOVABLE SMELL-PROOF STASH BAGGIE – The pouch comes with a clear stash baggie that is both removable and smell-proof for neat and discreet transportation.
HEAVY DUTY ZIPPER & TRAVEL LOOP – The pouch’s heavy-duty zipper keeps your things safe and secure. The durable zipper is designed to avoid binding, biting and separation. The zipper makes it easy to open the pouch when you want to and keeps it firmly closed when you don’t. The pouch’s travel loop allows you to attach the pouch to any bag or purse.
CUSTOMIZABLE VELCRO LOGO – The pouch’s removable velcro logo/badge can be totally removed to make it more discreet or can be switched out with any other Dime Bag logo badge for endless customization. Express yourself!


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